Renew Dental Support: Does it Really Work or Scam?

We are living in the age of glamour when physical appearance is more concerned. The wish to look up to the mark is natural. Besides this appearance, cleanliness and hygiene are not ignorable. When we talk or smile, our teeth got noticed first. The first impression has a decisive impact on others. It is quite embarrassing to have yellowish teeth with swollen gums. Bad breath is itself disgusting. In order to maintain oral hygiene, you need dental support in the form of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and even supplements that could help you to get rid of the root cause of dental problems. Esthetical dentistry becomes so common among the young generation.

What is Renew Dental Support?

Renew Dental Support is a dietary supplement that supports normal tooth growth. This herbal blend is known for its anti-inflammatory effects on the gums and recovers the cavities and caries caused by oral microbes i.e. bacteria.

The formulation that is specifically designed for oral hygiene works in three manners. At first, it helps to support the strong teeth by the supply of all the essential nutrients to our teeth. Secondly, it helps to reduce the inflammation of the gums so that you can easily use your teeth without any pain. At the last, it helps you to get rid of bad breath caused by various microbes in your mouth. Tooth decay and dental caries are caused by certain gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. This microbial growth is retarded by the use of these supplements.

What is the Purpose of Renew Dental Support?

The purpose of Renew Dental Support lies within the brand name of this product. Dental renewal and repair is the main concern of this formulation. During the process of repairing, our teeth go through various processes that help to get rid of dental problems. Dental problems can be due to the lack of nutrients needed for healthy tooth growth, the growth of various bacteria, and also viruses within the oral cavity that cause dental caries and plaque formation. Bad breath due to tooth decay and sugar fermentation caused by these microbes is common in children and adults. Renew Dental Support works much better when you stick to the supplement and show good compliance with your dosage.

What are the Common Dental Problems?

There are several dental problems that our public deals with but those problems that don’t need any surgical procedures are unable to be resolved by using these supplements. Apart from that, common problems that occur due to compromised dental hygiene are easily solved by using these supplements.

  • Loss of dental strength: Dental strength is decreased with age if you can’t take care of your teeth. Your teeth are made up of calcium fluoride and you need to supply your teeth with such nutrients. Dental strength is known to increase by using natural ingredients.
  • Dental caries: Dental caries are caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay damages your tooth unless protected and the main cause of dental caries is the normal flora of our oral cavity including streptococcus viridans. When you eat sweets, these bacteria grow more to cause dental caries and you feel intense pain and sensitivity.
  • Gingivitis: Gingivitis is the inflammation of your gums. Your gums appear red and swollen under this condition. When you eat, your food touches the swollen gums causing intense pain and you will have the feeling of nausea as well.
  • Gum bleeding: Gum bleeding is common when gums are swollen. Gum bleeding is due to the lack of vitamin C in our diet. You may feel pain and metallic taste while gum bleeding and another cause of bleeding is the use of hard toothbrushes with irregular brushing patterns.
  • Oral ulcers: Bloody wounds in the oral cavity are oral ulcers. These ulcers are caused by gum bleeding and early loss of teeth. Smoking and consumption of chewable supplies like areca nuts or beetle nuts cause oral ulcers.
  • Bad breath: Microbes in our mouth respire through fermentation mainly. This fermentation produces gas that causes bad breath. This is common when you don’t brush your teeth on regular basis.
  • Dental paling: Yellowing of the teeth is dental paling. This happens when enamel (the protective layer on teeth) becomes thin and dirty when you don’t brush regularly. This thing occurs due to the exposure of teeth to acidic food like soft drinks and sodas.
  • Plaque formation: Plaque formation occurs when you eat and don’t remove the remaining food particles from the spaces between your teeth. Accumulated food gets hardened day by day and plaque formation is seen. This condition is somewhat called calculus formation beneath the tooth bed. Regular toothbrushing is important to keep yourself away from plaque formation.

Ingredients of Renew Dental Support

The ingredients of Renew Dental Support are more than 27 and all the ingredients are natural with an essential role in the support of dental health.

Retinol: Vitamin A is retinol that is known for its role in the formation of enamel. Enamel is a protective layer on our teeth against various germs. This vitamin plays an essential role in the maintenance of healthy gums.

Ascorbic acid: Vitamin C is another name for ascorbic acid and this vitamin is known for good dental health. Gum bleeding is common in ascorbic acid deficiency. This ingredient is essential for the cure of gingivitis and gum bleeding.

Tocopherol: Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant that prevents oxidation in our bodies. Tooth decay is caused by the oxidation of enamel by germs and is prevented by tocopherol present in this blend. Bad breath is also prevented by vitamin E anti-oxidant effects.

Potassium: Potassium is known to prevent teeth resorption in the case of hypocalcemia. Calcium moves out of your teeth when there are reduced levels of calcium in your blood. Potassium plays an important role in the acid-base balance of our blood and prevents teeth resorption.

Calcium: Our teeth are made up of calcium and this material is essential for the proper growth and maintenance of teeth. Calcium in combination with fluorine is present in our teeth and both ingredients are part of our regular toothpaste as well.

Selenium: Selenium is the of connective tissue fibers. The collagen that is present with in the gums and teeth strengthens in the presence of this mineral. So selenium gives hardness and improved dental strength, especially in pediatrics. Remember these supplements are not suitable for children but selenium has been a part of pediatric supplements.

Zinc: Zinc is an important mineral that causes the whitening of teeth. It also helps the body to fight against infections including dental infections and inflammation.

Boron: Boron gives strength to our teeth and helps in the prevention of teeth resorption.


Milk thistle: This herbal extract is essential for the whitening of your teeth. Dental paling due to various food items and drugs can be recovered by the use of this herb.

Bardock root: Bardock root extract is used to prevent the oxidation caused by the bacteria during tooth decay. The ingredients of this herb are essential for the prevention of dental caries because it forms a protective layer over the tooth and prevents its decay.

Grapeseed extract: The active ingredients found in the grapeseed extract are essential for teeth strengthening. This herb is the main ingredient of all dental products due to its teeth strengthening properties.

Turmeric & Ginger: Turmeric and ginger have natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The ingredients of both crude drugs are useful in reducing the inflammation associated with the germs in the oral cavity. These herbal extracts are useful in the condition called gingivitis.

L- cysteine: L-cysteine found in herbs is useful in the prevention of dental caries and the formation of calculus under the tooth endings. In other words, this ingredient prevents plaque formation due to the accumulation of food particles within the teeth.

Dandelion root: Another name used for dandelion root is Lion’s tooth and this herbal extract has a strong effect on tooth health. This extract prevents tooth decay and the loss of calcium from the teeth under the influence of external factors or infection.

Yarrow: Yarrow herb is known for its analgesic effects. When the extract is applied to the swollen gums or within the cavities of the teeth, you will get instant relief from the pain. Yarrow has antiseptic properties as well.

Jujube seed: Jujube seeds have the natural properties to prevent tooth decay. The ingredients of these seeds target the germs present in the teeth and retard their growth.

Significance of Renew Dental Support

The significance of Renew Dental Support is a topical effect that only targets the oral cavity mainly. It includes:

  • Bone strength: Calcium and phosphorus present in these supplements are needed for bone strength. Bone strength is the key purpose of every dental product.
  • Protection against germs: Certain ingredients of this herbal blend are antiseptic in nature and help in removing the germs present in the oral cavity that damage the teeth and cause bad breath.
  • Protection against dental caries: Dental caries lead to cavities. Dental cavities cause pain and tooth decay. This problem is treated with Renew Dental Support. The use of these supplements can prevent you from expensive dental procedures.
  • Good oral hygiene: Good oral hygiene is the claim of these supplements. By keeping healthy gums and preventing dental cavities you can enjoy good oral hygiene. Bad breath also fades away when you use this product.
  • Dental esthetics: These supplements enhance your dental esthetics by preventing your teeth’ paleness and caries. You will be protected from various expensive dental procedures.
  • Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is seen by the use of these supplements and it enhances the esthetics of a person.
  • Healthy teeth and gums: Gums hold the teeth through strong connective tissues. These tissues get nutrients from these supplements and are strong enough to hold teeth and provide protection against gum bleeding and gingivitis.
  • Good health: When you masticate while using your teeth, you chew food well. Chewable food promotes good digestion that is needed for better nutrients absorption and good health.

Direction for Use of Renew Dental Support

The normal adult dose is two capsules with a glass of water. Capsules are made of hard gelatin shells with powdered ingredients filled in them in order to avoid the bitter taste of natural ingredients. It is better to drink normal water (8 fluid ounces) rather than warm or cold water to support good absorption of the nutrients. You need to take these capsules twice a day or through a single dose. It is advised to take supplements with meals.

Note that these supplements are provided per serving size of two capsules for a month.

Product Design

The product is packed in a white plastic container having 60 hard gelatine shell capsules. The labeling is elegant and easily understandable to the general public. Sea green color scheme adds a natural feel of hygiene and gives a soothing effect to the customer’s eyes.

The labeling contains all the ingredients per serving dosage and directions for use are described briefly. Manufacturing information and expiry date are mentioned on primary and secondary packing.

Pricing of Renew Dental Support

Pricing comes under the three economical packages that have a money-back guarantee in case you will see no results.

  • Package 1 includes a single bottle that will cost you 69$ with free shipping in the USA.
  • Package 2 includes a pack of three bottles with 49$ per bottle cost and free shipping in the USA.
  • Package 3 includes six bottles with 39$ per bottle cost and free shipping in the USA.

How to Maintain Your Oral Hygiene?

To maintain your oral hygiene you need to follow these instructions:

  • Do regular teeth brushing with suitable toothpaste. Herbal toothpaste is recommended.
  • Use dental floss to clean up the spaces between your teeth to prevent the accumulation of food.
  • Use regular mouthwashes in case of bad breath or mouth fresheners of good quality are recommended.
  • You need to clean your tongue while brushing your teeth as it is part of the oral cavity.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day otherwise it is better to brush before bed to avoid dental changes taking place during sleep.
  • Avoid chocolates and sweets as these contain high sugar contents that invite germs for dental caries.
  • Avoid smoking and other chewable stuff like aceca nuts or beetle nuts in order to avoid oral ulcers and bad breath.
  • It’s better to visit a dentist in case of severe pain or other dental conditions.


Precautions are mentioned in the labeling of this product. It includes:

  • Keep the container of the supplements away from the reach of your children.
  • Store at a cool or dry place where moisture can’t come in contact with the capsules.
  • Carefully close the container after its use in order to avoid the deterioration of the product.
  • This product is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women.
  • In case your tooth decay is severe, it’s better to undergo a dental procedure.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider in case of allergic reactions and further information.

Customer’s Satisfaction

The makers of this formulation have a strong concern for their customers and you will be provided extra benefits for purchasing Renew Dental Support.

  • These supplements are manufactured under strict conditions and standard operating procedures recommended by Food and Drug Administration.
  • All the ingredients incorporated in these supplements are 100% natural with a non-GMO policy.
  • You will be provided an opportunity for a 60-day money-back guarantee which means the makers are quite confident about their product.
  • No such adverse effect is noted so far that could cause a negative impact on the reputation of this product.
  • Pricing is reasonable and you will be provided with three packages.

Summary of the Product

Renew Dental Support is an herbal blend that claims to support dental care. These supplements are used to support healthy gums, reducing the risks of tooth decay by microbes and removing bad breath. Apart from this, you will end up with teeth whitening that can enhance your esthetics.

This formulation is provided in capsule dosage form with a single serving of two capsules per day. There is no such natural supplement that could rejuvenate your gums and teeth in a healthy manner.

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