Rembalnce Supplement Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Benefits & Price

Rembalance is a dietary supplement that is designed to support metabolism and sleep disorders. Each ingredient incorporated in this formulation is unique in its effect on the sleep cycle as well as those changes that happen while sleeping. Rembalance is considered suitable for the anxiety disorder that eventually disturbs a person’s sleep.

REM of Rembalance comes from the word rapid eye movement which is an essential part of the sleep cycle. This blend helps the brain to fall asleep up to the REM stage where your body recovers from wounds and other physical disorders. These supplements also target the metabolism of the body that helps you to lose weight in a healthy manner so that you can enjoy good health.

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What Do You Need to Know About Sleep?

Sleep is the condition when your body gets relaxed and recharges itself for later functions. There must be a properly balanced sleep pattern in order to lead a healthy brain life and overall health.

The sleep cycle includes four stages that are roughly classified as NREM and REM stages.

NREM stage:

Non-rapid eye movement is the stage in which the body prepares itself for deep sleep and to get the benefits of sleep. It includes further 3 stages:

  • 1st stage is the light sleep stage that lasts for 5 to 7 mins. In this stage, the vital functions of the body slow down like heart beat, pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration rate etc. and you can easily awake in response of any external disturbance.
  • 2nd stage is known as intermediate stage of sleep that lasts for 25 to 30 min. In this stage, the vital functions of the body slow down like heart beat, pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration rate etc. and you can easily awake in response of any external disturbance.
  • 3rd stage is known as deep sleep that lasts from 20 to 40mins. This stage is important for everyone but especially for athletes that want good bone health and stamina for their hard activities. In this stage, bone growth and bone recovery takes place, body muscles recovery occurs, immune system gets stronger and wound healing along with body growth takes place.

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REM stage:

In this stage, the body gets paralyzed and you neither feel anything nor get distracted from any external stimulus. During this stage, vivid dreams occur and your vital signs are boosted up like an increase in blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and even temperature. Your memory and learning are also filtered in this stage.

Rembalance is named after the REM stage of sleep that is specifically targeted by these supplements.

Factors That Disturb Your

Various factors influence brain health and disturb sleep patterns. Factors are given below:

Anxiety: Anxiety is the fear of the future and this happens when our brain depletes from certain neurotransmitters like GABA. Anxiety disturbs the sleep pattern in a drastic way.

Depression: Depression causes by the imbalance of biogenic amines in the brain. Biogenic amines include serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals relax the body and help form healthy sleep patterns.

Stress: Stress reduces sleep induction and causes disturbance in the prolongation of sleep as well.

Hormonal imbalance: Hormones like melatonin play an important role in the sleep-wake cycle. Lack of these hormones disturbs sleep and when sleep is disturbed, you feel groggy all day. The body gets exhausted as well.

A noisy environment that makes you wake up and inhibits deep sleep.

Increased use of technical gadgets disturbs sleep. The blue light of mobile phones and laptops also affects vision.

Irregular sleep and late-night wakening cause sleep pattern disturbance.

The use of certain drugs that stimulate the brain cause insomnia and the consumption of caffeine more than the usual dose also disturbs sleep. Drugs including Amphetamine, LSD, phencyclidine, etc stimulate the brain cell and disturb the sleep pattern.

Drugs that cause drowsiness also disturb sleep patterns because too much sleepiness causes narcolepsy. There must be a balanced neurotransmitters release and timings of the sleep.

Ingredients of Rembalance

Valerian root: Valerian root is considered essential for sleep induction because it increases the levels of natural inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain known as GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). This neurochemical causes brain cells to depress and induce the onset of sleep. Many drugs work by imitating the action of GABA for sleep and anxiety disorders. 150mg of the dose is incorporated in 852mg per serving of Rembalance.

Ashwagandha root extract: The extract of this amazing plant is used to regulate sleep disturbance in insomnia patients and anxiety-bearing minds. It also boosts up the sexual hormones that are essential for reproductive purposes. This extract is useful in lowering blood glucose levels and in turn, reduces the risks of damages caused by hyperglycemia in the body. Ashwagandha root also sharpens the memory of the person using it on regular basis. 100mg of root extract is provided in an 852mg dosage of Rembalance.

Forskolin extract: The extract of Forskolin has muscles relaxant properties. Our body is made up of various types of muscles like smooth muscles present in our respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, uterine tract, and urinary tract. This herb relaxes smooth muscles and plays a significant role in asthma attacks, breathing problems, high blood pressure, menstrual pain, urinary tract spasms, and gastrointestinal spasms. In the same way, cardiac and skeletal muscles relaxation helps in decreasing heart rate and muscle spasms due to tiredness. 100mg of Forskolin extract is added to this formulation per serving.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid): As described above, GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that is naturally released in the brain. This formulation contains 100mg of GABA per serving. This chemical causes hyperpolarization of the neurons resulting in depression that is needed for the sleep cycle. It has a major role in the treatment of insomnia as well. This neurochemical has a strong effect on anxiety disorder and is often known as an anxiolytic neurotransmitter. Rembalance contains 100mg of GABA extract.

L-tryptophan: Tryptophan is an essential amino-acid that is converted into a relaxing hormone known as serotonin. L-tryptophan is incorporated in this blend that is levorotatory in nature. Serotonin formed, is an excitatory neurotransmitter that relaxes the brain, produces feelings of satisfaction, happiness, intuition, and induces sleep. Apart from that, serotonin has a major role in depression therapy.

Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea is made up of flowers of this plant that has anti-anxiety effects on the body. This ingredient is the best choice due to its sleep induction and mood relaxation properties. This tea is used to treat pre and post-menstrual syndrome and mood swings due to hormonal changes in the body. Anti-inflammatory properties of this blend are also essential for the body. 100mg of chamomile tea extract is available in this formulation.

Passion flower: Passionflower extract is known for its anxiolytic properties especially administered before operative treatment to calm down the stress and anxiety of a patient. People having sleep disturbance and insomnia is treated with this herbal extract. Another benefit of passionflower tea is to support ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in which the patient lacks normal neuronal activity and attention. 100mg of flower extract is incorporated in Rembalance per serving.

Lemon balm: Lemon balm’s Botanical origin is Melissa officinalis which is known for its calming effect on the brain and overall body. This tea is essential for sleep disorders because sleep disturbance is due to stress and anxiety. This extract is also useful in calming the gastrointestinal tract and the bloating related to it. Lemon balm cuts down the fats and helps the body to reduce fats. In this way, a person enjoys good health with good sleep. 100mg of lemon balm is provided per two capsules serving.

Melatonin: This hormone is released from the brain and is a part of the circadian rhythm. This hormone gives color to our skin, eyes as well as hair. Melatonin induces sleep when released in the body and is essential for the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. One thing you need to know about this hormone is, it protects our skin from ultraviolet rays and releases more when you are exposed to sunlight. Rembalanace contains 2mg of melatonin per serving of two capsules.

Benefits of Rembalance

Rembalance is beneficial in the following ways:

  • This formulation is the best support for the insomnia patients that have difficulty in fall asleep. The ingredients mentioned above are effective in sleep induction and it’s regulation.
  • People with anxiety disorder have problems with the balance of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitter. These supplements provide the body with serotonin like neuronal hormones that boost up the mood and helps to cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Your body heals when you sleep so these supplements help to heal up your body wounds both internally and externally.
  • These supplements have major effects on metabolism and during sleep, metabolism play an important role in the energy production for later use.
  • Detoxification of the body occurs when you sleep. Rembalance helps in body detoxification by reducing the oxidative stress.
  • Muscles get relaxed while sleeping so sleep is a must. This formulation is essential for the sleep induction and enhancing its duration.
  • Depression is also treated by
  • using these supplements and the ingredients help in boosting up the mood via serotonin like biogenic amines.
  • By boosting up the body metabolism, these supplements are helpful in maintaining the energy levels.
  • Brain health is also supported by using these supplements. Sleep activities are controlled by hypothalamus and many hormones like melatonin are regulated by this part of brain.
  • Bone growth occurs when you reach REM stage of sleep and this stage of sleep is prolonged by various ingredients incorporated in this herbal blend.

Marketing Profile


Rembalance supplements are provided in a good quality plastic container that is polished. Its white color protects the products from light. Each container contains 60 capsules made up of a hard gelatin shell. 852mg of powdered ingredients are incorporated according to the amount per serving. The serving size of these supplements is two capsules. The closure of its container is crimp on the type that protects the product from air and moisture.


Labeling of these supplements is clear and appropriate as mentioned in the FDA guidelines.

Main label: It contains the brand name “REMBALANCE” with a product punch line “natural sleep and metabolic support” printed in black ink. 852mg of powdered ingredient per serving is mentioned.

Side label: Side label contains a piece of information about ingredients present in this formulation per serving and manufacturing information is also provided at one end of the labeling.

Auxiliary label: This label tells the extra information about the use and storage of these supplements. Storage conditions including temperature and light are mentioned here. Warning and precautions are also given in this panel. Last but not least Contraindication is also given in this part of the labeling.

Price of Rembalance Supplement

Pricing of these supplements is reasonable and is provided in three economical packages that are:

1 bottle of Rembalance will cost you 49$ with 8.95$ shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee.

3 bottles of Rembalance will cost you 132$ (44$ for one bottle) with free shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee.

6 bottles of Rembalance will cost you 234$ (39$ per bottle) with free shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Direction for Use

Take two capsules with one glass of water (minimum 250ml) and swallow them. In order to avoid any food interaction, you need to take your dosage 30 mins to 45mins before the meal. In case of dose omission, continue the next dose and note down the time of taking the dosage. There must be at least 16hrs intervals between two doses.

Why Rembalance is the customer’s Choice?

It is the first priority of a company to meet the customer requirements and the question of why Rembalance is the customer’s choice lies underneath:

  • This product is manufactured under FDA approved manufacturing conditions.
  • All ingredients are natural and most of the ingredients have plant origin.
  • The formulation is designed by various medical experts and is based on clinical experience.
  • You get 100 percent money back guarantee with this product in case of any unsatisfaction.
  • You get biggest discount when buy in bulk.
  • There is no evidence of allergic reaction or any adverse effect noted so far.
  • You can get results within few weeks after it’s use which is quite satisfactory.

Precautionary Measures

Precautions are always needed when dealing with anxiety and sleep issues. Important precautions that you must take are as follows:

  • Take your supplements on time without any missing dose because your body needs to adapt the circadian rhythm according to the Physiological changes made by your supplements.
  • Take at least 6 to 7hrs sleep daily and it is better to sleep at night to maintain the circadian rhythm according to the decorum of the universe.
  • Keep yourself away from distraction i.e. mobile phones, laptops or any other technical gadgets.
  • Better to switch off the lights and use eye pads to get better sleep induction.
  • Release your stress by maintaining silence around you. You can listen to the natural sounds like chirping of birds or noise of water waves. Nature always supports mind relaxation.
  • Meditation and yoga are the good mind exercises that you can follow to relieve from stress and anxiety. This thing will help with your sleep disorders as well.
  • In case of product, you need to maintain its storage conditions like keep it at cool or dry place. Capsules might catch moisture from the atmosphere and detoriate.
  • Keep the container away from the reach of children.
  • These supplements are not recommended for the pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Talk to your health care provider for more information.

Conclusive Words

Rembalance is a natural supplement formula that aims to target the sleep pattern of a person. This herbal extract is unique in its anti-anxiety effect that solves stress problems as well. All ingredients are natural and safe to use.

You can intake these supplements with a glass of water. Money-back guarantee is applicable to this product.

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