ProstaMend Review: Legit or Scam Prostate Safety Formula

Proostamend is a prostate-saving nutritional supplement that is advertised to help men struggling with BPH. BPH is basically Benign Prostatic hyperplasia which is not serious but can be a troublesome condition.

It is a condition commonly caused by age in men leading to an enlarged prostate gland. It is also known as benign prostatic hypertrophy or benign prostatic obstruction. And Prostamend aims to address this enlarged prostatic gland and reverse its nasty symptoms. 

Exclusively made through natural resources, the formula is marketed as a powerful combination of thirty-two natural and potent extracts obtained from high-quality plants, herbs, minerals, etc. Does this prostate safety formula really help to prevent BPH? FIND THE ANSWERS IN THIS ARTICLE. 

Product NameProstaMend Supplement 
CategoryProstate Supplement 
ProstaMend  IngredientsMaitake, Reishi, Shiitake, Broccoli extract, Saw Palmetto, Red raspberry, Plant sterol complex, Pumpkinseed, Parsley, L-Alanine, cat’s claw, Quercetin, green tea extract, mushroom extract, Graviola leaf, tomato fruit powder, and blend of three essential minerals. 
FeaturesFDA Approved GMP Certified100% natural Non-GMONon-habit-forming Gluten-Free
ProstaMend  Side EffectsNo harmful side effects 
Major BenefitsControls the urination frequency Eases the difficulty and pain in urinationSafely treats BPH development Boosts energy levels Prevents the Risk of Prostate Cancer Controls insomnia and improve sleep quality Reduces inflammation of the prostate gland Improves blood circulation 
ProstaMend  Price$69 (Discounted price available)
Formula 100% natural comes in the form of capsules 
ProstaMend  Dosage 2 capsules per day 
Made inUSA
Money-back guarantee 60-days money-back guarantee 
Availability USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand 
Where To Buy ProstaMend? 

What is ProstaMend Supplement?

Prostamend is an all-natural dietary supplement that claims to combine the power of some exotic and potent nutritional and herbal ingredients to fix BPH in men. BPH occurs when the prostatic gland gets enlarged, survey suggests the aging factor is the biggest reason for this abnormal prostatic enlargement. The official company of the supplement also claims that the ProstaMend formula is designed to fully treat the underlying cause of Benign Prostatic hyperplasia aka BPH and save the prostate.  

Other than that, the formula is so healthy and highly effective that it also controls the hormonal imbalances in men which may support BPH development as well. The official company of this national supplement claims to address all these issues with their herbal and breakthrough formula. In addition to this, the highly effective formula of ProstaMend dietary supplement also helps to reverse the symbols of Benign Prostatic hyperplasia. The company also claims that this powerful nutritional formula also promotes prostate health. 

Most importantly, the formula is 100% risk-free and safe. In fact, the formula is quite healthy because it also provides many other benefits to the consumers along with protecting their prostate. Among the benefits, this potent dietary supplement provides a powerful and safe urge to the body to eliminate all the symptoms of BPH such as frequent and Involuntary urination especially at night,difficulty in emptying the bladder, etc. Other than that, the formula combines the exact amount of thirty-two healthy and potent natural ingredients which are organically mixed at GMP-certified facilities in the United States. 


What is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia aka BPH?

Aging is a natural phenomenon, however, some men may find its troublesome impact on their physical well-being. BPH is one of those impacts that has been seen to occur in some men with their aging. As mentioned earlier, it is a state in which the prostate gland is enlarged. Please note that BPH development is truly dependent on the hormone imbalances in men. As a matter of fact, the main hormone in men is Testosterone which contributes to the masculine signs in men such as low voice, muscle mass, hair growth, etc. However, the production of this masculine hormone is dependent on the production of a byproduct of another hormone called androgen dihydrotestosterone also known as DHT. 

In particular, such sorts of prostate problems occur as a result of DHT levels. The excessive production of DHT leads to inflamed prostate. One thing that is important to mention here is that dihydrotestosterone is an important hormone for health as it performs many other tasks as well. Importantly, the production of this byproduct increases in some men while they are aging. To be more precise, studies show that the prostate undergoes two major growth periods as men age. The first occurs in puberty which is quite normal. In the first phase of growth, their prostate gets doubled in size. 

Nonetheless, the second period of prostate growth starts in their mid-twenties which is also quite normal medically. However, in some men this phase gets prolonged and the engagement continues during most of their lives which is of course a healthy enlargement that may often lead to prostate cancer. But this happens in very rare cases. Once the prostate is enlarged, the bladder walls become thicker which may affect the bladder functioning and open the pandora box of many other health-related issues. 

ProstaStream Supplement; Legit Prostate Support Formula or a Havoc?

What are the symptoms of BPH?

As mentioned earlier, BPH or Benign Prostatic hyperplasia is a state in which men struggle with an enlarged size of their prostate. Medical science has identified it as not a life-threatening disease in general. However, it may rarely turn into prostate cancer which is why it is important to notice this prostate problem at an early stage and fix this BPH problem and save your prostate. We have mentioned below the initial symbols of Benign Prostatic hyperplasia. 

  • Facing difficulty in emptying the bladder 
  • More frequent urination especially at night 
  • Urinary hesitancy 
  • Involuntary urination 

Even though it is not a life-threatening disease, it can really make your life troublesome. At times, it may result in stressful and anxious feelings due to frequent urination. 

ProstaMend Ingredients List

Having said earlier, ProstaMend has a pure blend of exactly thirty-two ingredients that are the potent, exotic, and high source. Each of them is known to help safe and promising results. Luckily, the manufacturers of this breakthrough formula have shared every minute detail about this formula on the ProstaMend official website. This is just for the assurance of their valuable customers. In the same regard, they have purportedly shared a complete list of ProstaMend ingredients. Here is the list of key ingredients that mainly contribute to the efficacy of this BPH relief and prostate health-promoting formula. 

Below are the ingredients:

  • Mushroom Extracts

The mushroom extract is one of the major ingredients of the ProstaMend dietary supplements. Please note that Asian mushrooms such as reishi, shiitake, and maitake species are combined to obtain this healthy extract which is used to strengthen blood cells, especially red cells. Other than that, this mushroom extract promotes a cardiovascular system, supports the immune system and the digestive tract. 

  • Saw Palmetto Berries

This is another healthy fruit extract that is highly effective for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and helps to reverse its symptoms such as frequent urination, especially at night. Moreover, the extract is also considered good for men which is why it is largely found in many dietary supplements for men. 

  • Graviola Leaf

Graviola leaf is also known as Brazilian paw or soursop. In essence, this herbal extract is generally used to destroy cancerous cells mainly in the breast and liver. Apart from this, this leaf extract contains a massive amount of antioxidants that keenly trace free radicals and destroy them. 

  • Tomato Fruit Powder

ProstaMend supplement contains a fair amount of tomato fruit powder which is obtained through high-quality dried tomatoes. It is important to mention here that many scientific studies have already identified a direct link between regular consumption of tomatoes and prevention of prostate risk and BPH development. This is because of Lycopene which is present in tomatoes and good for supporting prostate health. Most importantly, tomato fruit powder mainly helps to inhibit the enlargement of the prostate in men. 

  • Green Tea Extract 

In general, Green tea is a byproduct of tea leaves that has been commonly used in many countries due to its infinite benefits. This tea extract is known for containing a rich source of polyphenols and major antioxidant agents. These active agents purportedly fight against the inflammation and completely eliminate it. Apart from providing an anti-inflammatory response, this extract delivers overarching benefits when working in synergy with other ingredients.  For instance, green tea extract and other ingredients bring synergistic effects to improve sperm quality and bladder function.

  • A blend of three essential minerals 

ProstaMend also contains a healthy blend of three major minerals which are copper, zinc, and selenium. These three minerals mainly continue to safely protect the prostate which is why the use of these minerals is pretty common in many prostate supplements. To be more precise, the above-mentioned three minerals are essential for a healthy prostate and generally promote the masculinity of men. As a matter of fact, deficiency of these minerals may lead to deterioration of testosterone leading to several prostate-related problems.

Among other ingredients, Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake, Broccoli extract, Red raspberry, Plant sterol complex, Pumpkin seed, Parsley, L-Alanine, cat’s claw, Quercetin, etc are included. 


ProstaMend Supplement Benefits 

  • Support Healthy Weight: 

As mentioned earlier, ProstaMend has a unique formula that contributes the power of precisely thirty-two natural ingredients. When these ingredients work in synergy, they offer many other benefits as well which are other than fighting against BPH development and suppressing its troublesome symptoms. Among these benefits, weight control comes at the top of the list. The supplement has one special ingredient which is Tomato fruit powder’s lycopene. This ingredient helps to control unnecessary appetite and food cravings, hence, contributing to healthy weight loss.

  • Rejuvenates The Body:

Having said earlier, the ProstaMend supplement is a national supplement that covers the essential nutritional deficiencies in the body. For that purpose, it provides more energy to the body by flushing out toxins and other impurities. This way, it rejuvenates the whole body.  

Among other benefits, easing an inflammatory state, reducing pain during urination, healthy production of the testicular hormone, restoring energy, improving mood swings, detoxification of the organism, proper functioning of the prostatic gland, and improved circulation of the blood are the most prominent ones. 

ProstaMend Supplement Side Effects 

As mentioned above, the formula is a pure mixture of carefully selected thirty-two potent and exotic ingredients. Each one of them goes through several clinical trials and is proven to be safe. Besides, the formula is thoroughly investigated by the Food and Drug Administration and publicly shared after their approval. Based on third-party verification, the formula is declared 100% risk-free and fully safe for every man. 

Above and beyond, the ProstaMend customer reviews also suggest the legitimacy of the formula. Luckily, the company has shared plenty of customer reviews and the official website of ProstaMend dietary supplement is replete with success stories. Here, it is notable that one of them suggests any risk factor or shares any health hazard they face due to using this supplement. Viewing all the facts, we can rightly conclude that ProstaMind is truly a risk-free dietary supplement that does not leave any side effects and safely delivers promising results. 

ProstaMend Refund Policy

Luckily, the official makers of this advanced supplement know that many people are often doubtful regarding the legitimacy of dietary supplements. This is because of a few fake and scam formulas that have truly degraded the reputation of dietary supplements. However, ProstaMend makers are so dedicated to their customers and they understand the consumer’s fears and doubts. This is why they are offering a full refund policy for TWO MONTHS. This means that your ProstaMend investment is fully secured because of a full money-back guarantee. 

You can claim this refund within two months of its purchase which is more than enough time to check the results of any supplements. In the first place, the ProstaMend manufacturers are so confident about their formula that they think this is not going to happen. Still, for the rare cases or customers’ guarantees, they are offering this refund policy. The company has clearly mentioned that questions or inquiries will be conducted whether you want to return the bottle because of unsatisfactory results, damaged parcel, broken seal, or any other reason. 

ProstaMend Price; Limited-time Discount Offers 

The pricing structure of ProstaMend varies from package to package as they are currently offering discount packages. However, the original price of one bottle is also reasonable and affordable for everyone. 

Below is the detail of these limited-time discount packages;

  • Basic offer:

In the basic offer, you will get a one-month supply which means one bottle of ProstaMend supplement for only $69 instead of $99. 

  • Most Popular Supply:

Through this offer, you will get a three months supply which means three bottles of ProstaMend supplement at a total discounted price of just $177 instead of $297. 

  • Best Value Offer: 

This is the best value and doctor’s recommendation. This is because buying in bulk will offer you up to $300 because by purchasing in bulk, each bottle will cost you just $49. The total amount of six bottles will be $294 instead of $594 with free shipping. 

In addition to this, no matter which package you opt for, your purchase will be backed by 60day money-back guarantee that surely makes your investment fully secured. 


Where to Buy ProstaMend Dietary Supplement?

While purchasing the ProstaMend supplement, there is one important thing to keep in mind that is you are placing your order through its official website. Please note that there are many fake and fraudulent distributors selling fake products of ProstaMend supplement. You need to beware of these fake products and traps. To get a 100% legitimate ProstaMend supplement, place your online order through its official website. By placing your order today, you will get exclusive discount offers to save up to $300.

Pros & Cons of ProstaMend Supplement 


  • It has an all-natural formula.
  • It has a healthy formula that not only controls BPH and prevents prostate engagement but also offers many other benefits to the consumers. 
  • The formula is FDA-approved and formulated at GMP-certified labs. 
  • It contains zero stimulants and no harmful chemicals, fillers or preservatives. 
  • The formula is purely non-GMO and non-habit forming. 
  • The supplement is available worldwide.
  • At every purchase of ProstaMend supplement, you will get a full refund policy that lasts for two months.
  • In spite of its unique and high-sourced formula, it is available at quite an economical price. Additionally, on buying in bulk, you will get an exclusive discount on each bottle.


  • It has only online availability just through its own website.  

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs

Q. Is the Prostamend supplement FDA-approved?

Yes, ProstaMend supplement is marketed as an FDA-approved dietary supplement. The makers of this advanced formula even say that the formula has gone through many clinical trials and it is shared with the public after being minutely analyzed and tested on many volunteers. Besides, each capsule of ProstaMend is exclusively manufactured at GMP-certified labs. This is to maintain the quality and legitimacy of the formula. 

Q. Is Prostamend a Legit Supplement or a scam?

Yes, ProstaMend is a 100% legitimate supplement that claims to address the inflated prostate problem and prevent BPH development in men. According to the ProstaMend official company claims, this advanced and clinically proven formula aims to address the underlying cause of BPH and prevent the risk of prostate cancer. Essentially, the unique formula of ProstaMend has been formulated in precise and highly sterile conditions which is why it is safe and healthy. Additionally, the company claims that each capsule of ProstaMend is manufactured in the United States following the strict instructions of good manufacturing practices GMP.

Q. What are ProstaMend customer reviews? 

Luckily, the makers of this dietary supplement have shared the real customer reviews on their official website. And each one of these reviews clearly asserts the potency and efficacy of ProstaMendthe formula. 

ProstaMend Final Verdict

Prostamend is a GMO-free, 100% natural, and mutational supplement that claims to help men struggling with enlarged prostate or at the risk of developing prostate adenoma. Please note that the supplement is designed to address these issues in men with utmost safety as it contains a 100% natural formula.

In addition to this, the formula stands out to be so unique and powerful that it also addresses BPH symptoms and significantly reverses them. Most importantly, the supplement only combines the power of certain high-quality herbal components, vitamins, and minerals that aims to not only improve the state of your prostatic gland but also promote overall well-being.

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