Ikigai Anti-Stress Weightloss Support Review: Is It Work Or Scam? Best Weight Loss Pills

What is Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support?

Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support is a herbal dietary supplement that supports weight loss by reducing stress. There is a strong relationship between stress and weight gain so this formulation targets all those parameters that aim to reduce weight and helps the body to become healthy and fit. The ingredients incorporated in these supplements are purely natural and the best part of this formulation is all the components are plant-based.

Ikigai weight loss is a Japanese-based formulation that is designed by a Japanese doctor. This blend is made to help the person lose weight and cravings that force the person to overeat. The anti-stress effect is also supported by this formulation as these ingredients reduce the release and effect of the natural stress hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is a life-saving hormone that is released in stress conditions to help the body to survive. This hormone inhibits fats metabolism and calories burn to store fats for later use. This results in weight gain and the Ikigai formula targets cortisol levels to reduce stress and body fats as well. This helps in the weight loss within a few weeks.

History of Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support

Great things take time to come forward so it is not useless to say that Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support is one of the significant dietary supplements to support a healthy life. The story behind its formation is enough to motivate the audience to live a healthy and stress-free life. Ikigai weight loss is formulated by a Japanese doctor named Ichikawa who belonged to Okinawa. This place is known for a healthy life with good life expectancy. The people of Okinawa eat a balanced diet to maximize the calories burn and to minimize the health issues related to weight loss.

The story behind Ikigai’s formulation starts basically from the incident that happened with an obese man who was playing with his son in the garden when he suddenly got fainted. He was picked up by ambulance to the hospital and he survived hardly. So he decided to lose weight and during his research for weight loss, he came to know the research of Dr. Ichikawa. From there he made this formulation known to you as Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support.

Relation between weight gain and calories

It is interesting to discuss the wonderful relationship between weight loss and calorie burning. You need to understand that calorie is the unit of energy generated from organic compounds through metabolic reactions. If you want to lose body weight you need to count your daily calorie requirement. You can get online calculators for this. Once you will calculate your daily calorie count, you need to measure your basic indices of the body including body mass index mainly and weight calculation is a must.

  • If daily calories intake would be equal to the daily calorie burning, then your weight will remain constant.
  • In order to lose weight, you can apply any of the two strategies; either you decrease your daily calories intake as compared to the calculated ones or you need to burn those calories that you will intake on daily basis.
  • Remember that calories and kilocalories are the same terms that are used interchangeably.
  • Weight loss will be faster if you eat more but less calorie-generating foodstuff.

How does Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support targets weight loss and stress?

Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support targets body fats and helps to break down the fats through a process known as beta-oxidation. Fats are the long-term energy source for the body that is influenced by various hormones like insulin, glucagon, thyroid hormones, and cortisol. All these hormones undergo certain changes in the fats metabolism. This formulation has the potential to enhance fat metabolism through various methods in order to reduce extra body fat and result in a healthy and fit body. As claimed that this blend targets weight loss by reducing the stress condition. This formula is powerful enough to help you with body fat removal. It works by following mechanisms:

  • This product breaks down fats into fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids are further broken down into energy via the beta-oxidation process.
  • Ikigai anti-stress weightloss support targets fat cells that are also called adipose cells, where fats get deposited.
  • This formulation reduces the formation of fat cells and helps in the loss of fat from the body
  • It also targets free oxygen radicals form during metabolic processes in a body and helps the body in stress condition
  • Cortisol is the hormone that us secreted from the adrenal cortex of the human kidney. This hormone helps to protect the body from damages caused to the body under stress. This hormone is reduced by Ikigai formula so that no fat deposition takes place and a person can easily lose weight.

Ingredients of Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support

It is not that easy to bring all the essential ingredients into one formula. It takes a lot of time to research each ingredient of the formulation and to extract ingredients that have a common target. Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support contains an essential blend of therapeutically active ingredients that target body fat and bring changes to our body within a few weeks. The ingredient present in this formulation is given below along with their mechanism of action for weight loss and boost up the basal metabolic rate.


Minerals are naturally occurring substances that work as a catalyst with certain enzymes and boost up the metabolic reaction. Core minerals needed to burn fats and boost basal metabolic rate are present in Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support. Minerals include:

Magnesium: Magnesium is an essential mineral for the metabolism of blood sugars and indirectly helps the body to lose weight. Magnesium increases the breakdown of glucose and thus burn calories when taken on daily basis. It is better to note that excess blood glucose is converted into fats that get deposited in adipose tissues. Magnesium targets fast burning of calories that reduce the fat deposition in turn.

Potassium: Potassium is essential for the heart health and is needed for the depolarization of heart muscle as well as other body muscles. Potassium also supports kidney health. The incorporation of potassium in this herbal blend is fabulous.

Zinc: This mineral is considered suitable for the hair and skin health. Another important role of zinc is to boost your immune system to fight against the antigens. The reason of blending zinc in this formulation is that zinc has exceptional role in reducing the body mass index that is essential for reducing the fat mass of the body as compared to water mass.

Herbal blend

Ashwagandha: This herb has all the properties needed to support healthy living. Withaferin-A and withanone are the active ingredients of these leaves. Ashwagandha has the active ingredient that reduces stress hormone activity in the body which is cortisol. This ingredient decreases the cortisol release from our adrenal glands which in turn helps the body to cope with fatty mass. Fats deposits are reduced by the reduction of cortisol activity.

Lemon balm: Lemon balm is an anti-stress ingredient. This balm has the role in the induction of sedation that is needed to support anxiety conditions. Apart from this, lemon balm reduces smooth muscle cramps that aid in digestive problems and menstrual pain.

Rhodiola: This reduces depression as well as other mood disorders associated with mental health. Rosa in its active constituent has weight loss properties.

Chamomile: Chamomile tea is considered the best extract for the stress condition. This tea is separately consumed for stress release. The incorporation of chamomile extract is beneficial for this formulation to help with stress conditions.

L- Theanine: This ingredient helps to reduce body fat and maintains the lost body weight. This formulation claims to shed up to 50lbs within a few weeks. Apart from this, L-theanine has major effects on sleep and it supports sound sleep that is essential for the fat metabolism and stress-free mind.

Bacopa: Bacopa monnieri is known for its effectiveness in reducing stress and anxiety. This plant is the part of Ayurvedic medicine system followed by Indians. Bacopa supports brain health by boosting up the memory and reducing stress. Apart from that, Bacopa has anti-inflammatory activity that is essential for the body.

Oat straw: Oat straw is a kind of cereal that aims to reduce body weight. The consumption of oat straw reduces the food cravings and gives the feeling of fullness to the stomach. This way supports the body to intake less food and burn calories faster.

Skullcap: Skullcap is a Chinese-based medicinal plant that has anti bacteria and antiviral properties. Biacalin and wogonin are the active constitutions of this crude drug. The presence of skullcap in this formulation is to reduce anxiety by boosting natural biogenic amines including adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin.

Valerian: Valerian root is an all in one ingredient found in this formulation. At same time this herb reduces stress and anxiety by boosting up the excitatory neurotransmitters and at the same time it helps the body to lose weight by boosting up the metabolism of fats burning into calories.

St. Johns wort: This flower is an essential ingredient of Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support. This plant is a blend of various chemicals that perform their role in brain functioning. Many Constituents found in St. John wort have their chemical structures and activities resembling the natural neurotransmitters. In this way this herbal extract reduces anxiety and activates the brain. Weight loss is also seen by the use of this herb. Due to food and drug interactions, this herb alone is not beneficial but in combination it works well.

Other health benefits of Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support

Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support has many health benefits other than weight loss and making up the healthy body in a natural way. It includes:

  • Protection against cardiovascular diseases like ischemic heart diseases, heart stroke, high blood pressure, or myocardial infarction.
  • By reducing your waist size you can enjoy a healthy body mass index that can help your body stay healthy.
  • Cholesterol, which is a naturally occurring sterol in human blood must be at normal levels. This component is reduced by the Ikigai formula because higher cholesterol levels give rise to various heart and liver diseases.
  • Diabetes is another condition in which blood sugar levels remain persistently high, is prevented by these supplements. There are maximum chances for an obese person to become diabetic in upcoming years and type 2 diabetes is the probable result of weight gain. This risk of getting diabetes is reduced by these supplements.
  • Certain ingredients present in this formulation help to cope with inflammatory conditions like joint swelling etc.
  • Anti-oxidants present in this blend prevent your body from oxidative stress that harms you internally. Oxygen free radicals support aging process so by reducing oxidative stress, your body can easily cope with the pre aging process.
  • Skin protection is provided by few ingredients of this formulation.
  • Stress free life is the major claim of Dr. Ichikawa’s weight loss formulation that is supported by the mechanism of reducing cortisol like hormone. The more the cortisol release, the more would be the fat deposition and weight gain.

Lifestyle changes to support Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support

  • Alone supplements can never help you with weight loss, you need a lifestyle modification to support your weight loss in a faster way. You must follow these steps if you are planning to go for these supplements:
  • You need to cut down the calories generating food like sweets, artificial sweeteners, junk food, fried meals etc in order to support weight loss.
  • Make mild walk or exercise an essential part of your life as it is better for your overall health.
  • Drink plenty of water because it not only helps you to lose weight but also keeps your brain healthy.
  • Don’t be an over stress as stress releases cortisol that inhibits fat burning process.

Directions for use

  • Before taking Ikigai anti-stress weightloss support, you need to check the expiry date mentioned on the labeling, and once confirmed, you can open the container.
  • You need to intake one capsule with a glass of water on daily basis.
  • It is better to take supplement other than the meal to support good absorption of ingredients.
  •  Ikigai anti-stress weightloss support are only for the normal weight bearing people. One capsule is the recommended daily dose of these supplements.

Market profile of Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support

The market profile of Ikigai anti-stress weightloss support is reputed as it is a natural blend of ingredients that help in weight loss without compromising your health. There is limited data disclosed by the owners of Ikigai weight loss so it is not possible to cover the market profile in depth.

The company provides you following with Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support:

  • This formulation comes with economical cost with three packages.

30 days supplement or one bottle will cost you 99$

3 months supplements will cost you 198$ only (2 bottles with one bottle free)

6 months supplements will cost you 297$ only (buy 3 bottles with 3 free bottles).

  • These supplements are non-GMO that means no genetic engineering is done to any of the ingredients.
  • 60 days money back guarantee is provided by the manufacturers.

Precautions related to use

Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support is considered safe but still, you need to know precautions before or while using these supplements.

These supplements are not for pregnant females as well as lactating mothers. Talk to your health care provider before using it.

If you are suffering from serious health issues, you must not use these supplements on your own.

Keep away from the reach of children as the ingredients are potent for the children and may cause life-threatening toxicity.

Keep the bottle in a cool or dry place and close the cap once you withdraw your daily dosage.

Make sure to check out your Body mass index before using these supplements

Check the expiration date of the supplement bottle carefully before using it.

Conclusion- Final review

Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that specifically target belly fat and help in weight loss. The ingredients present in this powdered mixture have antioxidant effects on the body. This formula boosts up the basal metabolic rate of the body, in turn, speeds up the fat breakdown from the fat stores in the body. Thus boosting up the energy levels of the body. Up to 50 pounds weight loss within a few weeks is claimed by the makers of Ikigai weight loss support. The makers have put great effort to bring essential ingredients in one formulation and to satisfy their customers, they provide 60 days money-back guarantee regardless of the product is finished or not. It is also concluded that all the ingredients have unique effects on the body in different ways and all you have to do is to stick to this supplement therapy. Weight loss is the hardest task to perform but with the help of Ikigai anti-stress weight loss support and lifestyle modification, you can easily reduce body fat and stress-free life as claimed.

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