Diabacore Review: Blood Sugar Support Supplement

Glucose is the blood sugar that is utilized by the body cells to produce energy in the form of ATP is adenosine triphosphate. This energy is taken up by all living tissues to perform functions. Various hormones are released from the glands that regulate uptake and break down blood sugar by the body cells in order to catabolize the sugar to generate energy.

Glucose is a 6 carbon-based monosaccharide that can be obtained from the breakdown of higher disaccharides (sucrose, maltose, and, lactose) and polysaccharides (starch, dextrose, and, cellulose).

What is Diabacore?

Diabacore is a dietary supplement that targets blood sugar levels and helps the body to cope with the metabolic disorder known as diabetes. It consists of all-natural fruit extract that collectively supports blood glucose levels and the utilization of blood sugar for the purpose of energy generation.

This formulation enhances the body’s energy by keeping glucose levels in balance. Our body generates calories from the breakdown of blood sugar and these calories, in turn, help the body to regulate normal physiological functions of the body.

Diabacore is considered the formulation that deals with the cure of diabetes in which persistent high blood glucose levels are seen. Glucose levels that are above normal are harmful to blood health and have the potential to reduce the efficiency of normal body activities. So it is needed to keep glucose in balance.

How blood sugar levels are controlled?

Our body needs constant energy and nutrients to keep itself healthy and all the nutrients and this energy is obtained from various sources. Most of the nutrients are taken from the diet we eat and the rest of all are synthesized within our body.

Energy is in the form of calories that is produced by the metabolism of organic components consumed by the diet. The most important component of immediate energy generation is the blood sugar called glucose. Blood sugar levels are controlled by different mechanisms having different tools to support glucose metabolism.

Control by hormones

As mentioned above hormones play an important role in the metabolism of blood glucose and are released by certain glands. There are mainly two hormones that are seen to control blood sugar levels and help in the cure of diabetes, these are insulin and glucagon. Both hormones are released from the islets of Langerhans which are specialized cells of the pancreas. Insulin decreases the blood glucose levels by enhancing the uptake of glucose by the peripheral tissues and glucagon increases the blood glucose levels by blocking the glucose uptake by the peripheral tissues.

Any disturbance in the synthesis, release, and actions of insulin (blockade of gluconeogenesis, blockade of glycogenolysis, etc.) leads to the pathological condition known as diabetes mellitus.

Control by enzymes

As told that glucose is a carbohydrate that is an organic component for energy generation. Metabolism of this sugar is carried out by various Enzymes known as glycosidases and carbohydrates. Lack of these enzymes also results in increased blood glucose levels that lead to diabetes.

Why it is important to control blood sugar levels?

Blood glucose levels must be kept under control in order to maintain normal homeostasis. When you eat carbohydrates in the form of sweet foodstuff, it is broken down into simplest forms in your digestive system and is absorbed by the intestines into the systemic circulation. The glucose (blood sugar) then moves to the cells for further breakdown by the process known as glycolysis.

Normal blood sugar levels maintain the blood osmolarity as well. Any disturbance to osmolarity disturbs other physiological activities that are:

  • Increased blood sugar enhances osmolarity due to which a person feels thirst and dry mouth.
  • Increased glucose in the blood gets accumulated into different body parts and disturbs the normal functioning of that part.
  • Blood glucose combines the hemoglobin present in the red blood cells and blocks the binding of oxygen to the cell. That is why a person feels shortness of breath.
  • If blood glucose levels are not controlled, you might get the victim to the silent killer metabolic disease known as diabetes mellitus.
  • Your body cells are not able to generate energy from the glucose and the muscles get tired. This results in persistent weakness and lethargy.

Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to control blood sugar levels. Hyperglycemia in diabetes causes various life-threatening complications that are given below:

  • Glucose when accumulates in the retina of an eye, it damages the optic nerve by blocking the optical signals and results in retinopathy and blurred vision.
  • Glucose crystals start to gather within the nephrons of the kidneys and disturb the filtration of the nephron known as glomerular filtration. This leads to slow damage to the kidney and nephropathy is often seen in diabetic patients.
  • Increased blood glucose accumulates in the arteries and makes them hard. This causes an increase in blood pressure.
  • Infertility is seen in diabetic patients to decreased sex drive and impotence.
  • Muscle weakness is an unavoidable complication of diabetes.
  • Poor wound healing is another complication of hyperglycemia. Wounds and injuries are unable to recover in the presence of glucose.
  • Diabetic foot is the common sign of diabetic patients in which they don’t feel and feet become numb due to peripheral neuropathy.
  • Last but not least gangrene and necrosis is common in diabetic patients due to poor wound healing and disturbance in the oxygen supply to the wound. This could advance to amputation of that body part eventually.

Ingredients of Diabacore

It is not that easy to bring all the essential ingredients into one formula. It takes a lot of time to research each ingredient of the formulation and to extract ingredients that have a common target. Diabacore contains an essential blend of therapeutically active ingredients that bring positive changes in controlling blood glucose levels and helping the community to live a healthful life. The ingredient present in this formulation is given below along with their benefits to increased blood glucose levels are given below. and perception in order to treat tinnitus.


Vitamins are the vital substances that are needed in a minute quantity for proper body functioning. Daily recommended doses are defined by FDA and WHO. Almost all the vitamins present in this formulation are according to the daily recommended doses. These vitamins specifically target glucose metabolism and by keeping the body free from oxidants. Vitamins present in Diabacore are:

Vitamin c:

Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid that works as a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. This vitamin has a vital role in skin health, wound healing, and as an immunity booster. Lack of vitamin C in the body causes scurvy disease. Symptoms include poor immunity, gum bleeding, dry skin, and poor wound healing. 50mg is present in this formulation which is 56% daily value.

Vitamin E: Another name of vitamin E is present as D-alpha tocopheryl succinate which is a strong anti-oxidant. It is an essential fat-soluble vitamin. The deficiency of tocopherol causes infertility in both males and females. This vitamin is essential in the body of a person having persistently high blood glucose levels. 7mg is present in this formulation which is a 47% daily value.

Biotin: Biotin is a food supplement that is essentially an essential part of the vitamin B complex. It is also known as vitamin B7 It has anti-aging benefits. It is a necessary component of hair, nails, and skin. Apart from all these benefits, Biotin has a vital role in the generation of new glucose molecules by helping the enzymes needed for the synthesis of the non-carbohydrate source of glucose. It will help with hypoglycemia. 300mcg per capsule biotin is present which a 1000% daily value is.


Minerals are naturally occurring substances that work as a catalyst with certain enzymes and boost up the blood glucose mechanism. Core minerals that are needed to enhance metabolic activity include:

  • Magnesium: Magnesium works with most of the body’s enzymes as a co-factor. Enzymes are biological catalysts and regulate metabolic processes. Magnesium works with enzymes that regulate brain functions, blood glucose, blood pressure, protein synthesis, etc. This mineral controls the blood sugar levels in a healthy manner.125mg is present in this formulation which is a 30% daily value.
  • Zinc: Zinc plays it’s a vital role in immunity. It boosts our immune system to kill invading microorganisms in the body and protects our body from infections. Blood sugar levels play a vital role in the healing process so in case of hyperglycemia, infections are not cured easily due to glucose accumulation in the blood. Zinc helps the body in wound healing as well. 8mg is present in this formulation which is a 73% daily value.
  • Manganese: Manganese not only helps with hyperglycemia but is also an essential mineral to cope with hypoglycemia. This mineral keeps the blood glucose levels at normal. This natural blend provides 1mg of manganese which is 43% of the daily value.
  • Chromium: Chromium is an essential ingredient in the formulation. It is present as amino acid chelate in this supplement. It helps in reducing insulin resistance in case of type ll diabetes mellitus. Chromium has a relation with brain functions so it’s significant in the regulation of insulin secretion within the body. 67mcg chromium is a present per capsule which is 191% of the daily value.
  • Vanadium: Vanadium is present as vanadyl sulfate in this herbal blend. This salt acts as an insulin agonist and help the body to reduce blood glucose levels. This role makes it an essential mineral for blood sugar regulation and helps in obesity-induced insulin resistance. 2mcg


Herbal extract present in Diabacore is an amazing combination that affects blood-sugar metabolism and in keeping blood sugar levels at normal range. These herbs are given below with the proper mechanism of activity:

Guggul (resin) Guggul is a gum resin that is essential for the maintenance of blood cholesterol levels. High lipoproteins in blood lead to the condition known as atherosclerosis which can clog the arteries. Plaque formation in these arteries in turn increases blood pressure that directly and indirectly deals with high glucose levels in the blood. This resin keeps the lipid profile normal as well as other complications associated with it. 50mg of Guggul resin is incorporated in this formulation.

White mulberry

Oxyresveratrol is the main component of white mulberry. It has anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit the pathways important in the production of inflammatory mediators. This formulation contains 3mg of white mulberry.

Bitter melon (fruit)

Triterpenes which are the main active ingredient in bitter melon have anti-diabetic properties. It is also used as a detoxifying agent for the body. 20mg is present in this formulation.

Cinnamon (bark): Cinnamon bark contains active ingredients that are helping in burning calories and help the body in weight control. Weight gain is associated with the development of insulin resistance in the body and thus disturbs blood glucose levels. 5mg of cinnamon extract is blended in these supplements.

Licorice root (root)

Glycyrrhizin glycoside present in licorice root helps in fighting against cancers, infections, anxiety as well as it is a powerful expectorant (anti-cough). 25mg of licorice root extract is merged in these supplements.

Alpha-lipoic acid

Alpha-lipoic acid helps in dealing with diabetes complications, especially diabetic neuropathy and improves brain and spinal cord functioning. It is a powerful anti-oxidant as well. 30mg of this ingredient is present in these supplements.

Gymnema Sylvestre (Leaf)

This herb contains various ingredients helpful in the regulation of insulin secretions from pancreatic beta cells and decreasing the craving for sugars. This herb makes this formulation more effective in type 2 diabetes mellitus. 3mg is present in this formulation as a dose of Sylvestre leaf.

Juniper (berries)

Juniper berries reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the body. Both effects help in targeting diabetes mellitus and controlling weight. It is a powerful antioxidant. 13mg of berries extract is given in this blend.


L-Taurine supplementation increase insulin secretion and action that helps in reducing the risks of type 2 diabetes mellitus. 25mg is the dosage of this ingredient.

Banaba (leaf)

Corosolic acid, which is an active ingredient of banaba that prevents polysaccharides breakdown into monosaccharide (glucose) has been used to treat diabetes mellitus and is helpful in weight loss. When no glucose will produce from its polymers, blood glucose levels will remain under control. 25mg leaf extract of Banaba is blended in this formula of natural herbs.

Yarrow (flower): Yarrow flower extract has an important role in reducing blood glucose levels and is part of many known anti-diabetic supplements. This flower alone has the tendency to support healthy blood glucose levels. 25mg of this flower extract is present in this blend.

Cayenne (fruit): Cayenne fruit has another popular name called capsicum annum or green chili, is abundant in immunity-boosting vitamins and is known to cause positive effects on blood glucose levels. By consuming green chilies you will help the body in lowering the blood sugars. 10mg of pepper powder is incorporated into this formula.

Significance of Diabacore

Diabacore is a blend of natural ingredients that are specifically collected from various parts of this planet. These ingredients are helpful in various manners for the body.

  • Diabacore targets blood glucose levels and maintains healthy blood sugar levels.
  • These supplements help in decreasing the risks of heart diseases by keeping normal blood glucose levels.
  • Diabacore has anti-inflammatory properties that support wound healing and maintains healthy liver as well.
  • This formulation interferes with the metabolism of fats and helps in reducing the fat levels of the body for the sake of type 2 diabetes mellitus treatment.
  • The ingredients have anti-oxidant properties that reduce oxidative stress and keep the body away from free radical damages.
  • These supplements boost up the normal energy levels and you will feel active while consuming these capsules on daily basis.

Direction for use

Diabacore has a single capsule serving size. Take one capsule with at least 250ml of normal water. It is recommended to intake the capsule before a meal for better absorption and to avoid food interactions. Take to your healthcare provider for further guidance.

Marketing description of Diabacore


White color plastic container with a crimp on closure is provided to the customer. The appearance is sleek and clean. Diabacore is a solid capsule dosage form. All ingredients in powdered form are enclosed in gelatin hard shell capsules 60 capsules are provided per container of Diabacore.


A white color label with black printing is the elegancy of this labeling. Ingredients with formulation dosage and daily percentage values are given on side of the labeling. Expiry date, batch no, lot no, manufacturing date, and the company specifications are given at one end of the labeling.


Three economical packages are available for the customers of Diabacore that are given below:

  • Per bottle will cost you 69$
  • Pack of 3 bottles will cost you 59$ per bottle
  • Pack of 6 bottles will cost you 49$ per bottle with free shipping on the last two deals within the USA.

Quality assurance

  • Diabacore is manufactured under good manufacturing practices.
  • These supplements contain no genetic recombinant or synthetic ingredient. All ingredients are natural and plant-based.
  • These supplements are made in the USA under FDA registered facility.

Is it possible to control blood sugar levels through supplement therapy?

Supplement therapy is a natural therapy that helps to reduce the risks and complications of a disease. If the diseased condition is mind and chronic treatment is desirable, supplements work well in this regard. Supplements help to enrich the body with all the ingredients needed on daily basis for a healthy body and for the cure of various diseases.

Precautions related to Diabacore

  • Talk to your healthcare provider before taking these supplements.
  • You must know if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic or a normal person.
  • Acquire your HbA1c test especially before using these supplements.
  • Don’t take any other anti-diabetic medication with these supplements.
  • Keep the supplement container away from the reach of children.
  • Check the expiry date and note down the time and day of starting of supplements.
  • These supplements must be used with caution in pregnant and nursing females.
  • Claim if the container is leaky or in case of any damage to the container.
  • Keep at a cool or dry place in order to maintain the shelf-life of the dosage form. 30 degrees Celsius or lower than it is a suitable temperature for Diabacore storage. It increases the shelf-life of your supplements.
  • These supplements are not the drugs that can help with diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and mitigation of ailments. These supplements are not FDA approved so talk to your healthcare provider before starting these supplements.


Diabacore is a natural dietary supplement that claims to control blood glucose levels in a healthy and natural way. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder that requires long-term treatment and Diabacore is rich in all those ingredients that support the body to cope with the risks and complications of hyperglycemia. These supplements maintain blood glucose levels and prevent hypoglycemia as well. All ingredients are non-GMO so there is no risk of adverse reactions.

You will be provided two months money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with is the product.

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